Hoya Lens

When selecting lenses it is important to understand your options so you can select a lens that is best for you. Hoya offers 4 categories of lens design:

Hoya Vision’s single vision lens designs have been perfected with various recent innovations. The goal with Hoya lenses is outstanding visual performance. We will work with you to understand your lifestyle needs and help you to select a lens design that is right for you. Hoya has the latest lens technology available in digital lens design as well.

Progressive lenses

Are you struggling with your vision across multiple devices? Do you have a hard time adjusting from near to far vision? You may need progressive lenses.

We are masters at lens selection and consultation and will help you to build a lens design that accommodates your lifestyle so you don’t miss a single moment.

Indoor Lenses

If your visual tasks are based predominantly around near or intermediate distance, standard progressives may not be the perfect solution. Hoya Vision indoor lenses are specifically designed for you who demand crystal-clear vision at work or when completing detailed tasks at close proximity.

Special Lenses

When standard lenses don’t suit everyone’s specific vision needs, our special lenses take into account the full spectrum of requirements, offering individually tailored solutions.


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