Randolph Eyewear Is An LI Opticians Specialty

Born from two immigrants, with an American dream—Randolph continues to
deliver jewelry-quality eyewear that has been meticulously crafted by hand,
purposefully engineered for timeless style, and built to last.
From its origins in innovation and independence, Randolph continues to stay
true to itself with its uncompromising quality and mission to inspire heroes and
creators to write their own story.

Polarized Lens Technology


Randolph polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks horizontal glare from surfaces such as a flat road or smooth water, providing a crisper field of view without the painful brightness that makes you squint or your eyes water.


Commemorating 4 decades of trusted partnership with the U.S. Military, the NEW Matte Black Special Edition Military Aviator, inspired by the bravery, dedication, and rich history of the service.

Style & Functionality

Bold, fashion-forward, inspiring and elevated, we pivot towards empowerment and self-expression. Randolph is for those who define and redefine originality—always evolving, always improving and always staying true to themselves. Our hallmarks of craftsmanship, engineering, quality and customer service remain unwavering, as we focus on our deep commitment to inspire all people to feel the power of their convictions, connect with others, see the world differently, and experience the extraordinary.

Historic Eyewear

Randolph Engineering, Inc. an iconic heritage eyewear brand proudly supplying American-made Aviators to the U.S. Military since 1978, has launched a Special Edition Military Aviator Collection that includes military-specification accessories never before available to the public.

“For over 40 years, Our HGU-4/P Aviators have been built to the strict guidelines of MIL-S-25948J standards,” says Randolph CEO, Peter Waskiewicz, “though our mil-spec Aviator frames have always been available to our consumers, the authentic military case was never released to civilians until now.”


American Eyewear

The Special Edition Military Collection features 12 SKUs of classic Aviator sunglasses in their most popular finishes, Matte Chrome and 23K Gold with the option of polarized and non-polarized SkyTec™ Glass iconic American Gray lenses. Each frame comes in three different sizes that include small (52mm), regular (55mm), and large (58mm) for the perfect fit. With each frame, you will receive an authentic, embossed military-issued case that features U.S. Military specification information, custom Randolph dog tag keychain, a military-inspired cleaning cloth and a historical informational insert.


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