Welcome to our showroom!

Well…sort of.

As attractive and convenient as websites and search engines have become, we at Long Island Opticians firmly believe that the highest quality eyewear shopping experience can only be achieved in person…in a real, live showroom setting. Only by coming down to our store can you can try on – and I mean really try on – and sample the true vibrant color, texture, fashion and fit of a new frame or sunglass.

Skilled Opticians
As skilled and trained all-around opticians, we’re ready to assist you on fit, fashion, optics or need considerations. We’ll help you to assemble a real working eyewear wardrobe, and can provide the right type of eyewear storage and cases to make it all easy to manage.

Feasting Your Eyes
We’ve grouped most of the 2000 frames we inventory into brand collections. We think this makes it easy to pick just the right pair for your favorite activity. Besides our full-line collections, we cherry pick styles for those with exceptional fitting needs or preferences, such as petite women, big men and those with a penchant for their favorite color.

Almost all our styles do not require assistance to try-on. So why not come down today, and start feasting your eyes.

On a budget?
If you’re on a budget, or just looking for a quick extra pair for that upcoming special occasion, we invite you to check out our frames and sunglasses marked with a red “SALE” tag. These are recently retired styles or colors, and savings range from 25% to as much as 80% off their regular price.

“I’m not in the market for new eyewear right now.”
Doesn’t matter. Why not stop down for a quick cleaning or a free sample of our terrific adjustments? When you’re ready for new eyewear, we’ll be ready too!
Barry E. Santini
Master Optician