Lenses are the heart of any optical business.

At Long Island Opticians, we are specialists in digital, high definition or HD lenses. Digital lens technology represents the greatest advance in eyeglass optics in over 100 years. Using a computer to optimize the prescription lens surface, digital HD lenses are ground to a surface precision 10x greater than traditional lenses. Digital HD lenses are terrific for people who have:

  • Difficult presciptions
  • Moderate to strong astigmatism
  • A specific frame style in ind, such as wrap around sunglasses
  • A desire for optimal lens to frame cosmetics
  • Progressive lenses
  • Previously had trouble adapting to progressives, but want to try them again

There are tiers of quality in HD lenses, just like any other products. From good to better to best, we’ll advise and recommend the quality and value that bests fits your budget. If you desire only the very best, we’re expert enough to give you that too.

We carry all the name brands, but we specialize in fitting Zeiss, Varilux, Seiko, Shamir and Nikon lenses. We also feature independent brand HD lenses, with the designs from Digital Eyelab. We have the lenses, equipment and experience to offer you the best vision possible.