Eyezen Lenses

Eyezen 列印

Eyezen lenses are the perfect solution for anyone using notebook computers mobile phones and tablets. There are 3 distinct types of Eyezen lenses, each designed for the comfort needs of specific age group:

Young adults & individuals using portable media devices – Age 20-34
Adults using computers, phones, tablets & media devices – Age 35-44
Adults using these devices &needing 1st reading glasses – Age 45-50

All Eyezen lenses feature:
A durable glare reducing coating
A highly-scratch resistant coating
A proprietary blu-light filter
A tailored, focus-relaxing design component

These features help to reduce the eye fatigue, headache and dizziness that often accompanies today’s extensive use of mobile devices.

The best part is that Eyezen lenses do not require a prescription! Even if you don’t wear corrective glasses now, Eyezen lenses will provide all the same benefits to every type of wearer.


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