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Let’s face it: Even the best quality eyewear will need eventually repair or attention. Long Island Opticians is proud to offer a full suite of repair services, almost all of which are performed on premises.

Our Baxter Estates NY Repairs and Modifications include:

Screw Replacement – We do all types of screw repair and replacement, including drill outs and re-threads.

Nose Pad Cleaning and Replacement – We stock all shapes and sizes of pads, including authentic brand specific parts. We also stock German porcelain nose pads, the ultimate in cool comfort

Temple Tip Replacement and Resizing – Got cracked, broken or did colored temple tips? We stock all shapes, colors and sizes. We also offer custom sizing and modifications.

Frame Realignment – No matter how you managed to mangle them, we can re-align most eyewear to as good as new.

Re-mounting Your Own Lenses into a New Frame – Although commonplace decades ago, remounting lenses is a rarely offered service today. Long Island Opticians is proud to continue a tradition of fine craftsmanship in this style, and will gladly reshape or remount your own lenses to a brand new frame – including progressives!

Metal Frame Repair – Soldering metal frames is done on premises. But soldering often results in ugly discoloration, so we offer a premium laser-weld service. Laser welding results in a strong joint, with hardly any evidence of repair. Laser welding is sent out, and requires 3-4 days for completion.

Spring Hinge Repair – We can either glue most hinges together temporarily, or we can send them out for premium laser welding.

Tempe Hinge Repair – we can repair most hinges on the premises, unless they require laser welding, which requires 3-4 days.

Unlike other Baxter Estates NY optical stores, Long Island Opticians does not shy away from repairing eyewear not purchased from us. So no matter where you’ve purchased your eyewear or sunglasses, if you need them fixed, just bring them on by!


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