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Remsenburg NY Eyeglass Adjustments
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Remsenburg NY Eyeglass Adjustments

If there’s one thing we do better than most other Remsenburg NY opticals, it is adjusting glasses. While it can seem a simple task, most wearers are loathed to attempt to adjust their own glasses for fear of breaking or damaging them.

If you’ve been frustrated by Remsenburg NY opticians who don’t seem to be able to properly fit eyewear, we’re happy to assist you. All complete eyewear purchased from us comes with a 2 year bundle of no-charge adjustments and simple repairs. Even if you didn’t buy your glasses from us, we are happy to adjust them for you. Normally a modest fee accompanies these services if you did not purchase them in our store, but we are glad offer this as a complimentary service when you visit our store for the first time.


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