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Long Island Opticians is proud to be appointed the very first dealer in the USA for Roger Bacon “Perfectly Fitted Eyewear.” Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, we will create a high resolution, full color 3D scan of your entire head. From this scan, we can virtually “try-on” (called VTO) any shape, size or color frame in the Roger Bacon collection. Then we will work with you to tailor the fit and position of the frame to your face, allowing you to be in charge of the fit rather than the frame.

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But Wait…There’s More

Your 3D hi-res scan is then upload to the Roger Bacon factory in Holland where a super precise 3D printer is used to manufacture your frame, in the exact color, shape and size chosen, precisely to the exact contours of your bridge, ears and head.

Perfectly Fitted Eyewear

The result is very high quality eyewear perfectly fitted to you! The frames weigh only 1/2 ounce, so they are super lightweight. The textured finish of 3D printed frame is soft to the touch and adds making a slip-resistant fit. The 3D material is also extremely impervious to salt, sweat and facial oils.

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